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Labor / Employment Law

The employment attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal counsel and representation to plaintiffs seeking to pursue an employment lawsuit. In order to hold employers responsible for discriminatory or otherwise illegal actions, it is important to enlist the support of a competent and experienced employment attorney. For advice on employment law issues, please contact an employment lawyer at the Law offices of Gregory Krasovsky to schedule a free consultation.

Labor law functions to mediate the legal relationship between employers, employees, and occasionally trade unions. Labor law pertains to issues such as employment standards, collective labor law, and individual labor law. Employment standards are conditions under which it is legal for employees to work. Collective labor law deals primarily with the relationship between trade unions, employers, and employees. Individual labor law concerns an individual’s claim against his or her employer when he or she believes an injury has been done.

Our attorneys provide legal representation and counsel to employees who believe that they have been wronged by their place of employment. It is our goal to see all regulations carefully adhered to, along with seeing all employees treated with the respect required by the basic tenets of human dignity.

The Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal counsel to employees and employers in cases involving:

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