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Consumer Protection

The consumer protection attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal support and representation to any client seeking to pursue a consumer protection lawsuit. In order to successfully prove that the defendant violated consumer protection laws, you will need a competent consumer protection lawyer to provide you with legal counsel. If you need legal representation, contact a consumer protection attorney today and schedule a free consultation; our consumer protection law firm will help you secure a large consumer protection settlement.
If you believe you have been victimized by lenders, retailers, or distributors, you may be protected by consumer protection laws. Many unscrupulous lenders and retailers engage in unfair business practices to develop an unfair advantage against competitors and to extract disproportionate profit from business transactions. Remember, you have legal recourse; it is just up to you to pursue it effectively. A skilled consumer protection lawyer can help you attain your goal and take action against unscupulous business practices.

Consumer protection laws were originally enacted to protect consumers against monopolies, which stymied competition and from businesses that prevented a truthful flow of information. Fraud and unfair business practices hurt the consumer both monetarily and possibly physically, in cases where public health might be at issue. Consumer protection laws have the added importance of protecting the disadvantaged from exploitation from lenders and retailers. For example, predatroy lending generally targets those people who are unaware of the implications of interest rate variations and, perhaps, loans in general.

Consumer law differs from product liability law in that it seeks to defend consumers from unfair business practices of distributors, retailers, and financiers, rather than to address issues of product safety from the supplier side. 

Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation. The Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky are here to protect your rights; we will tenaciously defend your right to a successful and harrassment-free life.

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