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Corporate Raiding

The corporate and international lawyers at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal consultation and representation to potential or current victims of corporate raiding in former USSR states. Our corporate raiding lawyers can provide you with expert advice on how to prevent semi-legal hostile takeovers. At our firm, our corporate raiding attorneys are well-versed in the law and the business environment of former Soviet Union nations. Contact our corporate raiding law firm today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

Corporate raiding in the former Soviet Union is very different from what we call corporate raiding in the United States. While in the United States a corporate raid is essentially a leveraged buyout, corporate raiding in former Soviet Union nations like Russia and Ukraine is the semi-legal or illegal acquisition of a company or its assets through the use of and assistance from physical force, bribery of police and military officials, blackmail, court order, forged documents, identity theft, recruited management, recruited accountants, corrupt tax authorities, corrupt or friendly politicians, and other corrupt authorities.

Unfortunately, because the legal system as a whole is corrupt in countries such as Ukraine and Russia, securing effective legal representation is difficult. It is for this reason that you ought to hire a dauntless attorney who has years of experience both practicing law and running businesses in the former Soviet Union. Gregory Krasovsky has this kind of experience. In fact, he had been a target of semi-legal hostile takeovers. While many lawyers are frightened for their lives to try to repel corporate raiding, Gregory Krasovsky is not afraid to stand up for law and order. Our law firm is committed to maintaining transparency and rule of law in nations where such concepts may be weak.

First and foremost, the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky can provide you and your business venture (whether it is a domestic or foreign investor) with legal precautions that can help prevent corporate raiding. For example, corporate raiding is sometimes initiated through identity theft, or in some cases, by outright theft of documents. We can provide legal advice on how to best keep documents, identity, and crucial information safe from raiders.

Furthermore, our firm will tenaciously challenge any hostile takeover in court. We are committed to protecting shareholder and investor rights of all kinds of businesses. We understand the complex legal obstacles that have to be surmounted in order to reclaim assets and lost capital. We are willing to enter into litigation in any venue for the purposes of protecting your investment. We specialize in defending your interests.

Although small and medium sized domestic firms are most commonly the targets of corporate raiding, foreign investment is sometimes at risk as well. If you are a representative of a firm investing in Russian, Ukrainian, or other foreign business ventures, we are ready and willing to provide you with the necessary legal support and legal know-how to protect your investment from misappropriation and other forms of malfeasance.

From a wider perspective, we believe that rule of law and transparency are crucial to the economic growth and general well-being of former Soviet Union nations. We try to do our part in creating a fair and profitable business environment in these states.

Contact one of our attorneys to schedule a free and confidential consultation and learn more about what our attorneys can do for your business.

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