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USA P-1 Sports Visa

American immigration law establishes a certain procedure for entry and stay in the country for athletes. However, to do this, it is not enough to apply for a visa at the American embassy yourself. Representatives of the host country must also confirm the need for the athlete to come to the country.

The lawyers and attorneys working with The Law Office of Gregory Krasovsky will be able to assist you in obtaining the following categories of visas for athletes:


  • category P-1 visas - designed for athletes and artists who participate in competitions or perform at an internationally recognized level, but who do not meet the requirements for Class O visas;
  • P-3 visas are for support personnel (athlete assistants);
  • P-4 visas - issued to spouses and children of an athlete.


Please note that accompanying family members who are holders of a P-4 visa category, for accompanying close relatives of an employee (spouse, children under the age of 21), the possibility of obtaining an O-2 visa is also guaranteed. P-4 visas do not grant the right to work in the United States. 


There are also several notable benefits that are provided with a P-1 visa:


  • the possibility of moving to the United States, official employment in a professional sports team, decent wages;
  • valid for up to 5 years with the right to extend from 3 to 10 years;
  • no quotas for issuing visas (as opposed to, for example, from the H-1B visa);
  • In addition to the athlete himself, employees of his support staff (coaches, assistants) can obtain a visa.


However, the procedure for issuing visas of this category is quite complicated, because the US immigration law has many nuances, especially considering that American law does not apply to the civil law system. In addition, for the correct processing of a P-1 visa, real confirmation is required that the applicant is worthy of obtaining a P-1 visa, meaning, his status and achievements are internationally recognized. In addition, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the host country (the organizing committee of the competition or the management of the sports team). Also of great importance is the issuance of a visa on a specific date in order to be in time for the competition. Therefore, the process of obtaining an American P-1 visa is quite time-consuming and costly. In this case, it is necessary to fill out a certain number of documents and pass an interview at the consular organization. Of course, you can get P-1 visas yourself, however, qualified legal assistance will eliminate the risks when applying for a P-1 visa and significantly speed up the process of obtaining it, which is very important, since delay in obtaining this visa can adversely affect your future career. 


The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky have many years of experience in this category of cases. We can say that the resolution of issues on US immigration law, namely, the issuance of a P-1 visa to the United States, is our strong point, because we, first of all, specialize in knowledge of international law. Gregory Krasovsky, head of legal advice, has worked in the United States of America for many years and has helped many clients successfully immigrate to the United States.


The lawyers and attorneys working with the law office of Gregory Krasovsky will be able to provide you with the following professional assistance in obtaining a P-1 visa to the USA:


  • prepare and submit a petition to the US immigration Service in the form I-797;
  • complete an application form DS-160;
  • find a sports team (employer), prepare and submit a request from the employer for transfer and official employment in the United States (if necessary);
  • prepare a written contract between the employer and the client issuing employment;
  • prepare and submit at least two documents confirming the professional status and achievements of the applicant;
  • prepare and submit documents confirming the client's participation in competitions and the official status of the league in which the client is going to play;
  • pay the consular fee in the prescribed amount;
  • prepare an application to immigration services;
  • translate and certify documents;
  • prepare and record the client for an interview at the immigration services;
  • assist in obtaining a visa permit in case of refusal to grant a P-1 visa;
  • extend the validity of the P-1 visa while continuing employment in the United States (this visa is extended for a period of three to ten years);
  • collect and prepare the necessary documents for obtaining US citizenship;
  • receive immigration status to obtain US citizenship;
  • professionally conduct a mediation procedure and pre-trial settlement of the conflict (Pre-trial settlement of the dispute with the involvement of a professional negotiator);
  • carry out claim work;
  • represent the interests of the client in court;
  • prepare procedural documents (claims, petitions, reviews, appeals);
  • prepare and conclude any necessary types of international legal agreements between the parties to the case;
  • achieve execution of decisions of foreign courts on the territory of the United States and decisions of American courts abroad.


In addition, lawyers and attorneys working with The Law Office of Gregory Krasovsky support litigations on the enforcement of foreign judgments in the United States and judgments issued in the United States in foreign courts.

Please note that lawyers and attorneys working with Gregory Krasovsky's Law Firm provide legal services for obtaining a P-1 sports visa to the United States, both on the territory of the United States and on the territory of foreign countries. Knowledge of Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages ​​is an additional advantage of our specialists.


Our lawyers and attorneys will competently assist you in obtaining a P-1 sports visa to the United States for citizens of Ukraine, Russia ,the European Union or other countries, and protect your interests in judicial and state bodies like the United States, as well as abroad.

The lawyers and attorneys working with The Law Office of Gregory Krasovsky have partners who provide relevant legal services in the European Union, which significantly increases the efficiency of our work in resolving issues related to the issuance of a P-1 sports visa to the United States.

At the same time, 


To make our services as easily available as possible, the law office of Gregory Krasovsky provides services for obtaining a P-1 sports visa to the United States in both in-person and remote formats.


When contacting our specialists, you will receive a qualified legal assessment, which includes a forecast on the possibility of resolving your issue on obtaining a P-1 sports visa in the United States. The lawyers and attorneys working with Krasovsky and Partners value their professional reputation and take only those cases that should end in a positive resolution of your issue.

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