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Debt Collection Harassment

The consumer protection attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal support and representation to any client seeking to pursue a debt collection harassment lawsuit. In order to successfully prove that the defendant violated consumer protection laws, you will need a competent debt collection harassment lawyer to provide you with legal counsel. If you need legal representation, contact a debt collection harassment attorney today and schedule a free consultation; our debt collection harassment law firm will help you secure a large debt collection harassment settlement.

Sometime debt collectors overstep the boundaries of what is legally justified in attempts to collect unpaid debts. While it goes without saying that lenders are rightly justified to some form of repayment, a highly advanced civil society has to have powerful restrictions on their ability to extract payment by force or other kinds of coercion. Indeed, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was passed for this expressed purpose.

If you have been threatened of harassed by debt collectors, there is a good chance that they were acting in violation of FDCPA; however, to best protect your rights, it is advisable to hire a skilled attorney to protect you and your family from illegal and abusive practices, which can undermine financial and physical security.

The following practices constitute debt collection harassment:

  • Threatening criminal prosecution if debts are unpaid.
  • Threatening physical violence against the debtor.
  • Threatening to report debtor to Internal Revenue Services of other tax collection agencies.
  • Filing legal claims against the debtor in countries other than the one in which the debtor lives.
  • Calling cell phone numbers that were never voluntarily provided to the debt collection agency.
  • Informing any 3rd parties about debt (this constitutes blackmail).
  • Adding unauthorized collection charges.

If you have been victim to any of the above debt collection methods, you should call a skilled consumer protection lawyer immediately. Contact our attorneys today; we will assiduously strive to protect your rights against the onslaught of unscrupulous lenders. You have certain rights, and we help you exercise them.

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