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Prison Sexual Abuse

The prison lawyers working with the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky provide legal support and representation to sexually abused prisoners and their families. A prison sexual abuse lawyer can help you or your family secure a maximum settlement and hold the negligent prison staff and administrators accountable for their unconscionable behavior. Filing a prison sexual abuse lawsuit is not easy, but our skilled attorneys can help you overcome any obstacles in your way. Contact a prison sexual abuse attorney today to take the first step to securing justice for your family.

When someone has been taken into custody for allegedly committing a crime, a certain level of discomfort is generally expected; however, this discomfort should never include sexual abuse or humiliation at the hands of other prisoners or prison staff. Prison guards have the legal and moral obligation to protect the rights of prisoners. Allowing for, or intentionally partaking in, unwanted sexual advances is a direct violation of the aforementioned obligation.

It is sad state of our society that we almost expect a prison sentence to be accompanied with sexual abuse. Sexual abuse or rape is never acceptable (to anybody and by anybody); regardless of what the victim may have done on the outside, prison abuse and prison rape is never acceptable on the inside. While the media generally portrays prison rape and prison sexual abuse as a prisoner-on-prisoner ordeal, the reality is unfortunately very different. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 60% of allegations of sexual abuse and sexual violence involve prison staff (guards, administrators, and even custodians) rather than other prisoners.

Unfortunately, society's hard-earned tax dollars go directly into the pockets of these miscreants and perverts. This is unacceptable. Any prison staffer who committed a crime of sexual assault on a prisoner should be held liable to the fullest extent of the law for violating the basic tenants of human rights and, perhaps more importantly, violating the trust of the society that had hired him or her to help protect against violent criminals (and perhaps more importantly help rehabilitate rather than abuse the prison population).

All 50 states have explicit laws criminalizing sex between prisoners and prison staff. Because of the inherent imbalance in power relations, there is no possibility for truly consensual sex. The prison staffer will always be in a position of elevated power and, as such, will always be able to circumvent consent.

However, sexual abuse and rape by prison guards is not the only problem. When prisoners abuse other prisoners and the staff fails to take notice or takes notice and allows the misconduct to continue, the staff is acting in a negligent fashion and is ultimately liable for the grievous physical and psychological injuries endured by the victimized prisoners.

There are many different forms of prison abuse and of prison negligence:

  • Prisoner Rape

  • Prisoner Sexual Abuse

  • Sexual Torture

  • Insufficient Monitoring of Prisoners

  • Allowing Prisoner Sexual Abuse

  • Intentionally placing Prisoner with Dangerous Inmates

  • Intentionally placing Prisoner with Inmates with history of Sexual Abuse

  • Abuse of Authority

  • Soliciting Sexual Favors

  • False Promises of Favors in exchange for Sexual Attention

  • Failure to protect inmates from Dangerous Inmates

As intimated before, it is never acceptable to take sexual advantage of another human being without his or her consent.

So what can we do? The lawyers with whom we work have managed to secure sizable recoveries from prisons, the localities in which they are located, and prison staff. We strive to identify the responsible parties and bring all of the to justice. Although the greatest reward of a successful lawsuit is the recovery of damages, more lawsuits against prisons and prison staffers will help serve as a deterent against future abuse. We want to let prison staff know loud and clear that they cannot treat prisoners as subhumans. The damages that prison sexual abuse lawyers have recovered have been in the tens of millions. If you or a loved one has been sexually abused or knows of someone else who has been sexually abused, the best way to pursue justice is by contacting a tenacious and skilled prison staff sexual abuse lawyer today.

A prisoner abuse lawyer or a prison rape lawyer can help you or your loved ones reclaim justice by taking legal action against the direct perpetrators and the institutions they work for. Contact our prison lawyers today to schedule a free and confidential consultation. We promise to pursue justice to the fullest extent of the law and to the fullest extent of our abilities.



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