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Coronavirus warning & questionnaire:

Now that everyone understands how serious this situation is worldwide and locally...

Are we, including our politicians and governments (local, state, federal), ready to do what China & Wuhan did (had to do!) to stop the spread of COVID-19, namely

TOTAL epidemiological control, quarantine & isolation measures, including:

(a) Everyone stays at home & can only leave to get food/medicine for 1-2 hours every 2 days. You can't even go to the park!

(b) You can't leave your neighborhood without a permit, by foot, bike or in a car,

(c) All public transportation & taxis shut down,

(d) All restaurants, cafes, theaters, movie theaters, museums, sports clubs & other public places shut down,

(e) Regular (daily) disinfection of all public places & facilities,

(f) No one goes to school or work, with the exception of vital (essential) industries & organizations, as determined by the government.

(g) immediate isolation & hospitalization (make-shift field hospitals) of anyone who tests positive or is field-diagnosed with coronavirus.

(h) Administrative & criminal fines and penalties for those who violate quarantine & isolation measures

(i) Criminal penalties & expedited prosecution by tribunal (like in the military in war zones), including up to the death penalty for anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and recklessly or intentionally

(1) infects someone else or

(2) even merely puts other people at risk of infection,

by violating the quarantine/isolation rules & regulations in place.

So what do you think?


The Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky:

Legal issues related to the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19) and potential epidemic/pandemic.




Legal issues related to the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19) and potential epidemic/pandemic.

Please watch this video:

Please seek the advice of a competent & experienced attorney if you or someone you know

- are going to, coming from or even transiting countries with established covid-19 cases,

- are facing epidemiological control, inspections, preventive isolation or quarantine measures,

- could be exposed to covid-19 at work, place of residence, educational institution or public transportation,

- may not have been provided adequate and appropriate warnings, instructions, protective measures (equipment, diagnostics), treatment, medication, legal and financial support,

- are dealing with unsafe

-- work conditions,

-- shelter & housing,

-- transportation conditions,

-- quarantine & treatment facilities and conditions,

- are being denied, punished for requesting or unilaterally implementing necessary protective measures, such as

-- requesting telecommuting,

-- wearing protective clothing & equipment (masks, goggles, gloves, suits, head-wear, shoes, etc.)

-- not attending educational institutions (especially children),

- may have become a victim of medical malpractice (including improper drug treatment) in the diagnosis and treatment of suspected or confirmed covid-19 infection, and

- are facing unlawful discrimination & persecution, denial of services (including sale & delivery of food, medicines and other necessities) , employment termination or suspension, denial or temporary or permanent housing,

- are facing separation from your family, loved ones, work or your permanent place of residence due to emergency travel & immigration restrictions aimed at citizens of & visitors to certain countries and regions with known Covid-19 outbreaks.

- are threatened with or have been subject to detention, arrest and legal prosecution due to suspected covid-19 exposure or alleged violation of quarantine regulations.


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